Looking to Buy?

Life happens. And when you want to make one of the biggest financial commitments of your life, it’s important for you to select a Realtor who understands and identifies with your situation. At Philly Property Group we are here to listen to your needs and work together to fulfill your dreams. Powered by the #2 team in the state of Pennsylvania, we have agents who specialize in each aspect of the real estate business. We follow a proven path that helps turn your home buying dreams into reality:

Our Proven Buyer Process

Let’s Meet!

Our first meeting is among the most important. It’s our time to LISTEN to your wants and needs and establish our business relationship. Our goal is to understand a few key aspects: Why are you searching for a new home? What’s your preferred criteria? Where is your ideal location? What’s your timeline?


While looking for your next home is a crucial part of the process, we need to ensure you are set up with the right mortgage lender to bring your dreams to fruition. We will put you in contact with our preferred lender who will work with you to determine your budget so we can search for the homes that best fit your needs and price point

The Search!

After we determine your budget and search criteria, we set up an online search portal which allows you to see real time active listings that meet your needs. We also work with our network to research any off market or up and coming listings that may work for you. Once we narrow down our list, we begin to tour!

Offer & Negotiations

Once you have found the home you envision your future in, we work with you to determine the terms of the offer and review the paperwork needed. We then submit an offer and ensure you understand the different scenarios we will be presented with upon negotiations.


Woo hoo! You’re offer is accepted, however there are still hurdles we must work through. At this stage, we will work with various vendors such as home inspectors, appraisers, banks, title agencies, or other vendors depending on the contingencies involved in our agreement.

Closing Time!

Well, we made it! You are finally going to be the proud new owner of your home. Be prepared to sign a lot of forms. Your Title Representative, Mortgage Lender and Realtor will be there to help guide you through any questions. Then, you get the keys and celebrate!

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